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The Hmong are “people without a country”, an Asian ethnic group without a written history, a mountain tribe which has preserved its language and culture through its agrarian way of life and oral tradition of story-telling and several forms of traditional Hmong music and poetry.  There is a striking similarity between many Hmong traditions and the Biblical guidelines for the Israelites.  However, through the centuries without a written language, these traditions are now understood in the context of animism and ancestral spirit worship.  Nine million (three fourths) of the twelve million Hmongs in the world live in China.  The rest are scattered throughout northern Southeast Asia, and, as a result of their support of democracy in Laos during the Vietnam War, thousands were killed, and thousands more fled to the safety of refugee camps in Thailand and have since been granted asylum in the West.  God, in His providence, has brought 300,000 Hmongs right here to the United States to learn the Everlasting Gospel of the Creator, who they call the Owner of the Sky.  (Note:  According to the 2010 Census, there are Hmong in every state of the United States.) 

Resources in the Hmong Language

28 Fundamental Beliefs with Bible References  Note: This link includes Baptismal Vows and two "Harmony of the Gospels" charts listing the references for the Miracles of Jesus and Parables of Jesus.

Baptismal Vows

Hmong Bible (Baptist translation)